Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Mom used to say, "Enough is enough; too much will make a dog sick!"

#ME (the flock) Too

This shit has gotten out of hand.

Quick digression into history; 20 years ago I was involved in a custody case over my child with his biological mother. As a means to gain her ends, she reported to the police that I “Threatened” her. I was arrested on Domestic Violence charges; I fought this and was eventually found “Innocent” (not ‘Not Guilty’, IN-NO-CENT!).

When Bio-Mom failed to gain traction with that stunt, she decided upon another move, in open court, she stood up and screamed, “He raped me!”

The Magistrate rolled his eyes, the Prosecutor sighed out loud and, there was an audible groan from the table of the Children’s Services workers; everyone there knew she was full of shit and went forward as if they didn’t even hear her.

But, she had won – after court was over that day, I called her lawyer and told her that if she and her client were that low as to try to ruin an individual’s life, it was not worth it to fight that custody battle.

Fast-forward ten years, the wheels come off the wagon at Bio-Mom’s house and Children’s Services again take custody of her children; she now runs smack dab into the faces of people at Children’s Services who have known her for better than twenty years, my child was placed with me.

Skip forward another three year (in which she hasn’t laid eyes the child), she wakes up one morning with “Hell in her” and travels 100 miles to where I live and, makes a claim of sexual improprieties surrounding the child – this in effort to regain custody.

After a thorough investigation covering 6 months, her claims were judged to be specious, unsubstantiated and, without merit; her custody request was denied and, for good measure, I was given a 5 year Order-of-Protection (which she ignored), any contact with us would have caused her to be arrested.

I bring this up only because, I know what it is to be caught up in someone’s agenda and be falsely accused and have to defend your honor and fight for your freedom, liberty and, justice.

Misuse of this #Me-Too sentiment / I’m a victim shit is going too far.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Personal Rant

Can you hear me now?

It really "tries my nerves" to try to communicate with someone with a *Free* / Cheap cell phone that came with the pay-as-you-go plans. The plans from Boost, MertoPCS and Cricket, the ones that are "Lifelines" dangling from the main Cell Phone providers.

There is an issue with audio quality with those phones and, typically, they are provisioned for lower "quality" connections with fallback to 2G-EDGE networks.

I find myself TALKING LOUDLY as if I'm trying to communicate with a deaf person because their phone is breaking up; no, it isn't me, I try to call those people back on a different line and still get bad results!

It's analogous to the Men's' razor model: They give you the handle and, you have to return to buy the blades to fit the razor handle; wanna be cheap, they make "Disposable Razors" especially for those with, DISPOSABLE skin on their faces and / or heads! They give you the phones and you have to use their service.

I implore *You* to do better; upgrade to better phones, please.


Monday, March 04, 2019

Compassion or Co-Dependency?

As seen on Facebook

This really struck a chord with me when I read it because, I could only imagine how many unfulfilled lives there are out there with the same aspirations that were never met or achieved because they didn't get what they "deserved."

Saturday, September 22, 2018

My World

A Fair Representation of my Brain

"Up" is constantly changing!

Friday, August 17, 2018

#Madisonville Bridge

There is a bridge in Madisonville – a railroad overpass to be exact, its claim to fame is that it tears the top off of trucks and other vehicles that dare to use this main traffic artery called Madison Road.  The overpass was possibly constructed during the WPA era, if not earlier; it now stands as a monument to progress or, the lack thereof. This is a short treatise on that progress.

Railroads and the trains that travel upon their tracks carry heavy load and connect distance places; they are what could be classified as, “National Infrastructure”, the maintenance of such is paramount.  Locally, roads were constructed to connect outlying communities and “Villes” to the municipal population center. The city and the outskirts benefited from the extensions and connections of the Infrastructure.

There comes a time that, if the infrastructure is not maintained or, updated to accommodate changes in technology such as, faster trains or larger vehicles, the infrastructure becomes an impediment to progress; an obsolescence, this is what the railroad bridge over Madison Road has become. Cameras trained on the bridge document on an almost daily basis, a vehicle that has become wedged between the low overpass and the city street.

Locals think it’s funny to see yet another vehicle trapped, the traffic patterns interrupted and resources tasked to deal with a problem that urban planners could not foresee or that community activist overlook.

I would ask, “After every Dump Truck, Earth-mover, Tractor-Trailer and cargo carrier slams into that bridge, is it inspected for safety each time?” I think not. I believe that any person with half an intellect would ask, “Why is this being allowed to continue to happen?” I’m sure that those questions have been voiced by many people but, no actions have been taken.

I would say that the least that could be done is the placing of Flashing signage and height warning ; if Rail-crossing gates and Flood Control gates can be installed on Madison Rd for the Duck Creek waterway then, a couple of signs don’t seem to be such a big deal.

“Progress” is what I am opining about, the world has progressed since the railroad bridge and roads were built but, as they are constructed now, they are an impediment to progress. The bridge blocks access to the Villes of Madison and the Villes of Plains, Madeira and beyond.

An answer to the questions posed: because we know that the rail bridge will not be raised, perhaps the answer is to lower the street under the rail crossing. This was done long ago for the main drag into Hamilton, Ohio and also to Glendale-Milford road just east of Route 4.

Improving that short stretch of infrastructure would remove a bottleneck and further open the area to development.