Thursday, March 28, 2019

Personal Rant

Can you hear me now?

It really "tries my nerves" to try to communicate with someone with a *Free* / Cheap cell phone that came with the pay-as-you-go plans. The plans from Boost, MertoPCS and Cricket, the ones that are "Lifelines" dangling from the main Cell Phone providers.

There is an issue with audio quality with those phones and, typically, they are provisioned for lower "quality" connections with fallback to 2G-EDGE networks.

I find myself TALKING LOUDLY as if I'm trying to communicate with a deaf person because their phone is breaking up; no, it isn't me, I try to call those people back on a different line and still get bad results!

It's analogous to the Men's' razor model: They give you the handle and, you have to return to buy the blades to fit the razor handle; wanna be cheap, they make "Disposable Razors" especially for those with, DISPOSABLE skin on their faces and / or heads! They give you the phones and you have to use their service.

I implore *You* to do better; upgrade to better phones, please.