Saturday, April 16, 2016

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk – and then get on Social Media and mention how you could have prevented the deaths of three people.

CINCINNATI -- Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick told WCPO Monday he does not want to comment about statements he made that revealed he was with the driver of a fatal wrong-way crash hours before it happened.
"I just want to show his family respect right now," Kirkpatrick said. "Everybody took (what I said) and ran with it. Just right now, I don’t need to say too much more.”

Kirkpatrick tweeted Friday he knew rapper Kory Wilson had been drinking and couldn't drive before police said Wilson caused a fatal wrong-way crash on I-75.
Kirkpatrick wrote he was hanging out with Wilson not long before the rapper, according to police, went the wrong way on northbound I-75. A subsequent crash killed Wilson and a Fairfield couple returning home after visiting family in Kentucky.
"I just want y'all to know that was my friend that got killed last night. And I was with him and I knew he was drinking and didn't stop him," Kirkpatrick tweeted Friday.
As we have seen recently in the case of Pittsburgh television station WTAE-TV News Anchor Wendy Bell, she was fired for comments made on her Facebook Page; as a “De-Facto Representative” by reason of his employment, Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick should be held to the same standards.

We have all heard the rhetorical question, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Well, based upon Mr. Kirkpatrick’s statement, “Yes, ‘he should have been his brother’s keeper.’” There are two bereaved families who could wonder if Mr. Kirkpatrick was an Accessory-before-the–act and at least partially responsible in the wrongful deaths of three people.

Perhaps, this is something the legal system should be involved in.