Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Just Call Me Overly Sensitive......NOT!

GOOGLE Rousing the Rabble with Racist Reporting

From the front page of Google News

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At first glance your immediate reaction is, "A African-American Male is responsible for the death of a Law Enforcement Officer."

That's BULLSHIT "Journalism."

Real Headline:

The man sought in a pursuit and crash that killed a North Carolina State Highway Patrol trooper has been arrested.

After an extensive search, officials announced Dakota Whitt had been arrested around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday.
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How long will this "error" go uncorrected ?

It wasn't a fugging "ERROR", period! And, if it was, the person who made the mistake AND the person above the mistake maker should have to answer to this.

Hey, just classify and dismiss this as me being "Overly Sensitive", AGAIN.


This is just patently unacceptable for Google to  post a headline next to a picture unrelated to the story but, giving the impression that the person in the picture is connected to the headlines.

If, a global news service associated my picture with a story totally unrelated to me, I would feel as if my character had been defamed by the placement of the picture.

If after having been notified about it, an apology and correction was not made, I would believe that their actions were reckless and actionable.