Friday, January 17, 2020

You Reap What You Sow

But, you want others to rescue you from the weeds and briers of your decisions.

Generally speaking, humans are born with free will and a capacity to learn right from wrong, good from evil and, hot from cold; how many times did you have to be instructed not to touch the burner on the stove when it is ignited – probably just once.

There is an individual who is very close to me who has ran their health into the ground because of a conscious decision that they continued to make after being made aware and, also seeing the consequences of not changing their path. Instead of throwing you a rope, I dived in head-first to trying save you.

Life is tenuous, nothing is guaranteed. People must look at their circumstances and decide what is best for the moment and, what is better for the long run. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, I’ve been there at many forks-in-the-road and, I did not always choose the correct one but, I did accept full responsibilities for my actions; others have not.

Twenty-five years ago, our paths diverged, I was on a mission to save loved ones, I took the steeped climb up from the bottom while, you choose to wallow around in the mud. Sure, there were half efforts on your part (not of your own volition) to change but, you did not prevail and continued the downward digging of your hole.

You now find yourself clinging to the last rungs of the Ladder of Life, you have played all the cards in your deck and, you don’t want to be alone in the final chapter of this story; you were never alone. For the entire existence of this issue, you have dragged us behind you; we have all suffered through your trials and tribulations.

You call on the phone, sobbing and distressed at your circumstances; you shredded our emotions with your tears but, where were your own tears when you were destroying your health, relationships and, finances? It was all foolishness and finger-popping until now.

We are there for you, but we will not allow ourselves to be dragged further down this dead-end road.


Those who care for you.