Sunday, April 24, 2016

Reckless Operation Causes Road Rage!

     I was involved in two Road Rage incidences in one day! First, in my defense, I had “Drivers’ Education” and Drivers’ Training in High School and, I have been driving since the age of 15 ½ years old and, I have been on the “Information Superhighway” since 1995. The reason that I mention this is because, I am probably separated by one maybe two generations for you my readers.

     Let me tell you about what caused my first Road Rage incidence, to do that, I have to explain a little about my upbringing as a child. Adults always did as adults do, they told risqué jokes, cursed and swore but, us as kids had better not been caught “Lookin’ in Grown Folks mouth” and, the best way to get bashed in the mouth was to repeat something that you heard an adult say; “Whup-up” was the sound that my mother’s hand made as she backhanded me across my lips, “Where did you get that from?” she would ask; after the second time, I dared not answer, “I heard you say it.”

     Back to the first incidence which occurred on the “Information Superhighway”; a close-close family member had gotten on Social Media and made a posting. Some hours later, I saw the “message” and exploded into a rant where I noted, contradicted and corrected every line of the statement that he posted and hit “Enter”. Time passed – maybe three minutes; my cell phone starts to ring, it was my son.

     He was a riling ball of anger/embarrassment/sorrow; he told me that his posting was “only” the words of some other Rapper’s song and was not about our relationship. He told me that I had gone too far in exposing the “Dirty Laundry” which contradicted the words that he had “Co-opted” in his posting. I told him that the "Reckless Operation" of his keyboard made me look bad and that he should not be putting other peoples’ words in his mouth or on paper without giving proper credit; it could be taken out of context. He asked that I call him before I post messages (LOL).

     Now for my second incident of the day, less than three blocks from my driveway as I exited the Interstate highway 75 south, a large black woman with fake hair sewn onto her head driving a Chevy Suburban thought she could Bogart her way into the turning lane in front on me; nope, her options were to yield to me or run into my vehicle. She got pissed and we exchanged insults and, I invited her to run into my car if she wanted to and, I also told her, “That if I did something she didn’t like, she should make my nose bleed!” I was ready “to go there” if she had gotten out of that truck and put herself in a man’s place.

     My body is too old for all that but, my mind has not caught up yet.