Thursday, September 15, 2016


You know, there isn't a day that goes by that, I couldn't get on here and have something so say about something.

If, you didn't know me, it would not take long for you to stitch together a profile of me, my likes and dislikes. If you all ready know me then it would probably confirm both your positive and negative viewpoints of me.

Today, I am going to humbly make a request; I should hope that this doesn't apply to you or, that you have Steel-Toed Work boots on if it does.

First, let me acknowledge that you may be cute or, even good looking and beautiful and, let me also acknowledge that the lighting in bathrooms, for whatever reasons, are bright and seeming always placed at just the right angle to compliment your image in the mirror especially when seen with your cellphone camera.

But, I am tired of seeing "Selfie Photos" taken in the Ladies Room; I am especially nauseated when your "Selfies" are taken in just any bathroom, at the least, I will gag if I see another trash can or empty toilet tissue roll in the background of your "Selfie Pics".

If you want to be a Photographer/Model combination, learn how to compose a picture and, if there is a trash can or open bathroom stall in the background, PLEASE, don't post that picture.

Think about it.