Saturday, October 07, 2017

Etiquette Lesson 

For those of you who need it !

When I make direct eye contact, smile, say "Hello" and ask, "How are you doing", I am doing this because I am sincerely interested in your well-being; the same applies when I wish you well and to have a good day or evening. Again, I am doing this because I care about you.

Your response should be to smile in return and say, "Hello" or, "I am well, how are you doing today?" or, "You have a good evening yourself."

Your response of looking away, pretending to be too busy talking on your cellphone or saying, "What Happening" is not an appropriate response.

Your silence and / or actions say a lot about you and the person/people who raised you.

One last thing: I have a healthy dislike for "Eye-Winkers". What message does your eye winking carry? Is there a secret that only you and I am supposed to share? The winking of your eye neither confirms or denies anything to me and, I have to bite my tongue to keep from asking you, "Is there something wrong with your eye?"

Notice, that I don't wink back.