Sunday, April 17, 2016

Fundamental Values, Where Are They Now?

            In the earliest of times when humans first banded together as Tribes, Civilizations and Societies, there were "Fundamental Values" and if you will, rules and laws that were made in the best interest of the group.  It benefits society as a whole when concepts like, "Don't bear false witness, don't lie, steal, kill, commit adultery" and the such were enforced and the negative behavior was punishable by the rules of the group.

            Over the period of thousands of years, our societies has evolved and expanded to the point that what were once accepted "Fundamental values” are nothing more than suggestions and accommodations to groups or those who tend to not want to be social or follow accepted mores.

            For example, there is a school of thought that says, "Kids don't need two parents to grow up socially healthy manner" and, there are hundred of thousands of single women having babies by invetro-fertilization or, serial impregnators who father children but do not stay around to parent them.  Today's child is influenced more by electronic media; videos, Social Networking, Music than by parenting or education at school. 

            There is no such thing as discipline in schools, let's say that some little miscreant curses out the teacher so, what happens?  He gets suspended and falls behind in his class work.  I would have suggested dealing with it in the "Old Fashion Manner" using "The board of Education" across the seat of his pants.  That seemed to work for the children of the 40's, 50's and 60's.  However, in this day and age, there is no corporal punishment and as a parent, you are held in fear by CPS if you look at your kid too hard.

            This is my take on what should be done: Corporal punishment should be allowed in school, I believe that it should be phased in over 3 or 4 years with all parents given the knowledge that if Little Johnnie breaks the rules, he is going to get swatted on the backside.  The three to four year lead in time gives new parents time to condition themselves and their children before sending them to school.

            I am not advocating "Child Abuse" but, look at what a whole lot of "Spare-the-rod" has gotten us; school shooting and other associated anti-social acts committed by kids who could have been turned around before they grew unmanageable.  As parents, we are responsible for what we unleashed into the world at the age that they turn 18.