Monday, November 14, 2016

No, Nada, Nyet !

No, I Can't, "Just Get Over It."

And, neither can she; nor should she!

Emotionally, I was deeply invested in the progress and outcome of this recent Presidential Election. It was an election where, what was at stake was, the progressive ideas and values of Democratic Party versus the xenophobic, racist, sexist, misogynist campaign of the Populace Candidate Donald Trump. 

This turned into a WWE'ish spectacle where the "Baby-face" battles the "Heel", Good versus Evil. 

My candidate did not win; the victory was steered away from her by the interference of third parties both foreign and domestic. I, like multiple millions of American citizens were deeply stunned and worried upon waking and hearing the outcome of this election. 

My moral values and those that I believe that I shared with the majority of the population were repudiated with the election of Donald Trump.

There are people marching in the streets; I support them.

To the people of Facebook who paste messages of "reconciliation", of unity and patience; the "we can get through this" spam; know that I have blocked your post, I don't want to hear it.

To the two people who called me long distance; I do not "Suffer well with fools", you told me well before the election that you were not going to vote because, "They were going to put whosoever they want in there anyway". I have no respect for you because, you helped them put whom ever they wanted in place with your ignorance/apathy. That is why I refused to talk about the elections with you and ended the call.

Early in life, I found that it was not good to discuss salary, religion and politics at work or, in the company of others. Now more than ever, those rules are very relevant in today's social climate.